Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What are the Chances?

Yesterday a government census guy showed up on our door and made an appointment to come back tonight for a survey.  Turns out that our address was selected AT RANDOM to participate in a government survey of the rate of inflation.  And when I say AT RANDOM, I mean AT RANDOM.  We are on the only address in the DFW metro area doing this survey.  In two weeks it will be a completely different household.  What are the chances?  This should get interesting as our family will probably skew the results.  We don't shop at grocery stores.  I don't buy your typical cleaning products.  I don't buy baby products.  I don't buy bread and my eggs are fresh from a farm.  Add to that fact that we're on a spending freeze. . .I wonder if Washington DC can here me laughing from here.  Not that I am trying to be rebellious or anything. . .I just don't like to cooperate with much of anything the government would like me to voluntarily participate in.  I do, however, realize that knowing the rate of inflation can be a good thing.  I am just not sure I'll be much help at this point.

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