Thursday, February 9, 2012

Like to Run?

I love running.  Admittedly, though, I haven't run since last October (except maybe a few times with Underdog.)  My asthma started acting up again in August and my running just kind of went down hill from there.  Now that I know the trigger of my asthma I am ready to get back into it.  The weather was also beginning to warm up so I was ready. . .until this week.  Unfortunately, winter seemed to have return this week so I am questioning my sanity.  I HATE running in cold weather.  I would prefer to run on a 100 degree day than to run in 40 degree weather any day.  I don't get a choice now.  I am prepping for a run in April benefiting the Sudan.  We will be racing to raise money for Seed Effect and e3 Sudan.  From the Sudan Foot Race website:
The 2012 Sudan Footrace and walk supports both Seed Effectand e3 Sudan. Seed Effect and e3 Sudan trains, equips, and empowers the Sudanese people to transform their lives, families, and their entire communities. This transformation takes place through education, training, microloans, and the power of Jesus Christ.
Sleep InCan't attend the event but would like to show your support? Sleep in and receive a t-shirt! $30.00 registration
What a great way to spend your charitable giving dollars and your time.  The added bonus. . .fitness!!!!  Join us on April 28 in Dallas, TX.  If you don't like to run, you are welcome to walk the race.  Come as a family.  There are all sorts of ways for all levels of fitness to join in this event.  And if you'd rather sleep in, you can see above, "sleep in and receive a t-shirt!"  You can register for the race, sleep in, and still get a t-shirt.  Great opportunity to be a walking promotion for a great cause.

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