Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Do you like to have different ministries to send your money for charitable giving?  Do you like to wear stylish graphic t-shirts?  Do you need a first step in combating consumerism? is the place for you.  Each week, features a new charity for which they are working to raise money and awareness.  When you buy a t-shirt, you are contributing to the chosen ministry.  Plus, by simply wearing the t-shirt, you help bring awareness of this ministry to others who might not otherwise know about it.  Last week, Underdog and I bought a t-shirt benefiting Clothes4Souls that gathers gently worn throw away clothes and helps those who need them.  (And I have another post in the works that will feature this ministry. . .they are doing a lot of great work for those in need right now.)  So check out today and buy a t-shirt.  This week you'll be feeding children in Darfar through Relief International.  Check out the RI website to learn more about it.  Then head on over to and make a difference.

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